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While there is only one exit from each part of our maze, there is definitely more than one way to get there. We’ve tried to enhance the entertainment aspect of the journey with some new interactive tools. So whether you use one of our ideas or come up with a new one of your own, there’s plenty of fun to be had and no two trips through the maze are ever quite the same. Here are a few reasons why…

Customizable Trivia Questions

You can create a passport to quiz your group on any topic you are currently studying or is of interest to you!

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Birthday Parties

We’ve become a favorite destination for birthday parties as well. Why? Well there are lots of reasons, but our favorite theory is that birthday moms welcome the relief of losing the kids in the maze for a while. Get info on Birthday Parties.

Church Groups

Church groups seeking a good source of “clean” fun have also found opportunities to take away religious messages from their experience at the maze. A great way to maximize this type of visit is to use another of our Q&A guides – the “Scriptural Passport.”

Scouting Events

Scout troops find the maze to be the perfect location to build unity and, in some cases, brush up on their orientation skills. The “Scouting Passports” we provide help make for a fun and educational activity. Find out what’s planned for Scout Days by checking out our Scout Day page.

Team Building

We’ve played host to many work groups seeking a team building activity or escape from the busy office. Some have even reserved the maze for company parties.

Bonfire Sites

We have bonfires that are available to your groups.  Gather ’round an old-fashioned campfire with friends and roast a weenie or two — or make gooey S’Mores!  It’s a real treat for the entire group!  Get more info on Bonfires.

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