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Capture the Corn!

Capture the Corn

Rules and Regulations
The game called “Capture the Corn” involves two opposing teams. Each team has a fort with a bucket of corn inside. The goal of the game is to capture the other team’s bucket of corn and to bring it back to the fort.
• Large playing field
• Two buckets of corn
• marking tape, cones, or chalk
  • individual tag flags (from flag football)
  • water pistols
  • vests
  • goggles

Before you begin, draw a line down the center of the playing field. Set a fort and a jail for each team at each end of the field.

General Rules:  

Divide the group into two teams. Assign team A to one end of the playing field and team B to the other. The field between team A’s fort and the center line is considered safe for team A, and the space between team B’s fort and the center line is safe for team B. Once a member of team A crosses into team B’s territory, he or she can be captured and taken to team B’s jail and vice-versa. The goal is for each team to cross safely into enemy territory and capture the opposing team’s bucket of corn. The team members must then attempt to bring it safely back to their own fort. Players may defend each other with water pistols. Players on each team will wear a distinctively colored vest and wear a belt with Velcro attached “flags” as in flag football.  Players cannot enter their own fort except to place the enemy ‘s bucket of corn there.

To capture an opposing team member, he or she can be tagged only when they are enemy territory.  Each person will be wearing a team color coded flag. To “tag” and capture someone, the flag attached to their belt must be pulled loose. The captured player picks up the flag.  The prisoner must then be escorted to the jail where he or she will wait until there is a jailbreak.  ”.  In jail, the flag may be reattached.
Once there are people trapped in the jail, the opposing team can attempt a jailbreak to free their team members. To do this, at least one team member has to arrive safely in the jail and yell, “Free! Free! Free!” The prisoners may then walk safely back to their own side and then resume play. Freed players must return to their side before attempting any offensive action. While returning to their own side, freed players acquire “free walk-backs,” in which they are safe from tagging until they reach their home territory. The player performing the jail break, on the other hand, is neither safe, nor restricted from performing other actions such as attempting to grab the bucket of corn or generally moving about enemy territory. Simply leaving jail without being freed is considered poor sportsmanship and is severely frowned upon and will lead to expulsion from the game.
Safe Territory:
Each member is safe on his or her team’s side of the playing field. Each person is also safe once he or she enters either team’s fort or jail. The exception is when the bucket of corn is removed from a fort. Once a bucket is taken, the individual carrying the bucket is not safe until he enters his or her own fort.
Handling the Bucket of Corn:
The rules for the handling of the bucket of corn are as follows: If a player is tagged while carrying the bucket, it is returned to its original place. It is possible for the players to hand off the bucket to teammates. As long as the bucket stays in play without hitting the ground, it is allowed for the players to pass. When the bucket is captured by one player, he is not safe from being tagged. Again, the bucket holder is not safe at all, even in his home territory. If he is in enemy territory, he has the option to return to his own side or hand it off to a teammate who will then carry it to the other side. He may not throw the bucket of corn, but only hand it off while running. The game is won when a player returns to his own fort with the enemy’ bucket of corn.  Also, as a general rule, the corn  carrier may not attempt to free any of their teammates from jail.
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