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Fall Family Fun Days

Everyone loves the weekend!!  We at The River Maze are no different!  This year, we have decided to make our Saturdays even more special than before!!  Take a look at all of the special events and promotions we have planned for 2021.

September 25th – Opening Day:  J103 will be here with their prize cruiser!


October 2nd- Scout Day; We take time to honor our boy and girl scout troops with a special day just for them. Not only will they receive a $2 discount, they will also get the chance to earn some scout patches. 

October 9th- Old Copper Road Day; The Copper Road was “beyond amazing.” Come enjoy discovering more about this great part of our history.

October 16th- Family Day; Receive a family discount when you bring 6 or more members of your immediate family or Grandparents bring 4 or more grandchildren.Pumpkin-Patch

October 23rd- Pumpkin Festival; This is sure to be a hit as we spend the entire day enjoying some pumpkin treats, making some pumpkin crafts, and painting some pumpkin faces!

October 30th- Costume Day; We are hosting an end of the season costume contest. We want to see the best costumes of the day and will award prizes for different categories at 5pm.

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