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Fun on the Farm


The Jump Pad and Two 30′ Super Slides

Our latest additions.  They have been a hit!

Corn Cannons 

Try you luck with blasting corn cobs at a target with our two corn cannons.  Air pressure has been known to help launch some ears of corn into the trees!

Cow Train 

This farm favorite is a cow train that never stops moving.  Kids will love a fun and bumpy ride on our cow train.

Farm Friendly Animals 

The goat walk is usually a highlight of the day.  You can feed the goats  and watch them walk the ramp to the top.

Tag with Spookley with Friends

Race your friends and family through this timed maze with Spookley.  It may look simple, but once you get inside, it is a different story!

Corn Ball

This is great fun with a group of people… even if it is just seeing how long you can keep the ball in the air.

Corn Tubs

Jump right in this tub full of our corn from right off the farm.  It may be more fun than a sand box!

Barnyard Sports

Can you shoot a basketball?  Can you throw a football?  Try your skills out on these two sports and you might even win a prize!

Water Wars

When the weather is hot, you need a way to cool off.  We offer no better way than to throw some water balloons at each other.