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Fun on the Farm

Farming Activities

Corn Maze

This year our theme is “Growin’ on the River”. Come enjoy trying to navigate through all 10 checkpoints in the maze while learning about the crops grown in this area of the United States

Pumpkin Patch

Visit our pumpkin patch (good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise!) for a variety of sizes and colors of pumpkins that you can choose to purchase right off the vine. What a great way to make some memories!

Soy Bean Maze 

Our soybean maze theme for this year is “The Cow Jumped Over the Moon”.  For even more fun in the beans, try out The American Maze and The No-Left-Turn Maze!  Each one has different challenges.

Hay Rides

We offer ‘farm fresh’ hayrides through our farm in the scenic Ocoee valley.  Our hayrides take you right next to the Ocoee River and offer you views that just can’t be beat!

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